Jewellery components are a great way to add charm to your designs. It is always advisable to keep your components clean and shiny. Raw brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, it is a magnificent component to add to your jewellery designs in order to provide additional charm. Raw brass will tarnish over time. This lackluster look may appeal to some people and not others. It is recommended to always clean your bronze/metal or brass before wearing your jewellery. For this reason, the following techniques are recommended:

1- You can buy a brass / metal sealant to seal your components and thus generate an insulating layer.

2- You can place in a small container: ¼ cup of white vinegar + 1 teaspoon of baking soda + 1 dash of lemon juice (Mix the ingredients and scrub the metal / or brass components leaving it to act for a minute or so, then rinse with water and place on a paper towel to dry, and finally rub the components with a microfiber cloth).

3-Rub the metal or brass components with a swab and Tomato Sauce (leave to act for a few minutes, rinse with water and place on a paper towel to dry. Then rub the components with a microfiber cloth).

4-Or use Polishing bar to maintain the shine of brass parts on jewellery this will only take a few seconds. YOU CAN SEE STEP BY STEP IN THE VIDEO attached below (it is not necessary to disassemble your entire earring or necklace, you can perform this method with the piece as it is, just gently rubbing the metal components).

All jewellery components that are plated or painted, such as silver, rose gold, brass, black, and colored, can tarnish over time, considering that this happens with all metals. This is why each earring/necklace should be stored in storage containers, away from sunlight, air, or water.